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Money Tree Care- Money tree plants are becoming increasingly popular for their good luck and money-making properties. But did you know that these plants also need to be cared for? If not, then your money tree plant might end up getting sick or dying.

In this blog post, we will go over some of the care tips for your money tree plant so it can thrive and bring you good fortune!

What type of soil should I grow my money tree?

Money trees like soil that is moist, loose and rich in organic matter. That means you should avoid any type of potting mix with a sand or bark base! Instead, try using something from the garden centre such as mulch or composted manure for your money tree plants to grow in so they can thrive.

How often do I need to water my money tree plant?

money tree care

The frequency of watering varies depending on many factors: light exposure, temperature and humidity levels all play into how often your money tree needs to be watered! The best way to find out what works for you is by checking if leaves are turning yellow-brown (indicating dehydration) before deciding when it’s time to give it some water

What fertilizer should I use on my money tree?

You should be giving your money tree a good dose of fertilizer once every two to three weeks. This will help it grow and thrive in its new pot! You can use either liquid or granular fertilizers; both are effective, just make sure not to over-fertilize the plant.

How much sunlight does my money tree need?

Money trees love lots of bright sun light with some morning sun mixed in as well. Be careful that you don’t keep them away from too many windows during winter months because they won’t get enough light for optimal growth. A north facing window is great if there’s no natural source of light where you want to put your money tree.

How much space does a money tree need?

Money trees need a good amount of space in order to grow properly. A money tree planted in the ground should have at least one foot between each side and two feet from the center stem, but when you’re planting it in a container make sure there’s plenty of room for its roots to develop without being restricted.

How do I transplant my money tree?

When your money tree has outgrown its pot or if it is looking dry and unhappy, then you may want to consider moving it into a larger pot or just outside on the ground (depending on where you live) with enough room for proper growth. Before doing so, however, follow these steps: dig up the plant carefully by loosening any dirt around it until all soil is removed, then gently shake or tap the roots to remove any dirt that may still be attached. Next, take a hose and rinse out any remaining soil from around its root ball before planting into your new container of choice (or back in the ground). Make sure you water thoroughly after transplanting to prevent stress on your money tree plant.

What is my money tree’s favorite type of pot?

The best pots for growing are containers with good drainage holes like plastic buckets or terra cotta ones without plaster – this will allow excess moisture to escape so it doesn’t cause rot near its base. It should also have enough room for proper growth when placed outside too since as they get bigger, they need more space between their branches and leaves


How do I prune my money tree plant?

Money trees should be pruned periodically in order to maintain a healthy shape. Be sure that you are using sharp, sterilized shears and wear gloves as the sap from this plant can cause skin irritation (especially if sensitive). Always prune away dead leaves or branches where they meet another branch and then shorten any long leaf tips

How to care for an indoor money tree plant

Money tree plants should be watered thoroughly every few days. Be sure to water the soil and not just the leaves. They are also sensitive to overwatering, so make sure that you keep an eye on them when watering. Place your money tree plant in a bright area but avoid direct sunlight as this can cause leaf burn or damage).

How to care for an outdoor money tree plant

Outdoor money tree plants are the most difficult to care for as they require more sunlight and water. Be sure that you place your plant in a well-lit area with plenty of access to fresh air and rainwater (although take note of how much sun it gets). The soil should be moist but not wet, so avoid overwatering at all costs.

How do I take care of my money tree in winter?

The money tree plant is a tropical one and it will need to be kept inside during colder months. Be sure that you give your plant enough light, but don’t place it in direct sunlight as this can cause leaf burn or damage. If the leaves start getting brown edges, they may have been burnt from too much sun exposure so move them away from any windows for some time).

How do I take care of money tree with yellow leaves?

If your money tree plant has yellow leaves it may be a sign that the soil is too acidic or alkaline. To balance pH levels, add some organic matter to the soil such as peat moss or pine bark, and ensure your water with distilled water at room temperature instead of warmer tap water.

How do I take care of a money tree with brown leaves?

If your money tree plant has brown leaves, it may be due to a lack of water or too much fertilizer. To prevent this from happening in the future, use a regular watering schedule and make sure not to fertilize more than once per month.

How do I take care of money tree with black spots on leaves?

The issue with black spots could stem from many things such as insufficient sunlight or overwatering but most often is caused by spider mites (tiny spiders that infest plants). They are very difficult to kill so one must start by isolating the infected plant away from other houseplants and follow these steps: Use rubbing alcohol mixed 50% with either dish soap or vegetable oil to spray down all surfaces around the plant.

Money Tree companion planting

Plant money trees in sunny areas to provide them with adequate sunlight. It is best not to plant money tree plants near other types of houseplants because they often get too much water and fertilizer, leading to a lack of growth or root rot from overwatering.

Grasses can be used as companions for the money tree since they require less light and do well on moist soil that drains easily. Too many tall flowers nearby will block out good sun exposure so keep this in mind when planting your money tree if you live in an area where it rains frequently.

How long does the seedling stage take before my new Money Tree plant blossoms?

A happy healthy Money Tree Plant will usually reach full maturity by 18 months but it can take as long as three or four years.

What is the ideal temperature for Money Trees?

Money tree plants grow most comfortably in a temperature range from 60° to 90°. Low temperatures below 50° will cause the leaves to wither and fall off, often with some of the branches as well. Whereas exposure to temperatures Higher than 115° may lead to damage or death of the plant.

Are Money Trees hard to grow?

The money tree plant is actually very easy to grow as long as you keep a few things in mind.

­ Use moist, but well drained soil and make sure the pot has plenty of room for roots to grow unrestricted. Too many other tall flowers will block out good sun exposure so be mindful of this when planting your money tree if you live in an area where it rains frequently. It takes between 18 months up to four years for the Money Tree Plant to reach full maturity depending on how happy and healthy they are; though with great care this can happen much faster! The money tree’s leaves contain a mild toxin which may irritate sensitive skin or eyes (though not life threatening) – beware that children and pets might find the leaves interesting to chew on!

Money tree plant care problems

Some of the most common money tree plant care problems are overwatering, too much sunlight, and infestation by pests. For the first problem (overwatering), stop watering so often and only water when it feels dry to the touch in between your normal schedule of about once every week or two weeks. If you don’t have a way to test for dryness such as with soil moisture probes then use a finger–if it sucks up any moisture quickly at all then wait another day before watering again.

Why does my money tree have rotten roots?

If your money tree has rotten roots, it might be because the soil is too moist. Your plant will take up a lot of water and if it doesn’t have enough drainage this may cause rot to occur in the root system. You can fix this by planting in a pot with good drainage or simply watering less often during dry periods for indoor plants.

Why isn’t my money tree growing?

The money tree plant is a living, breathing thing that needs to be cared for with love and water. If you are following the guidelines in this article and not seeing growth then it’s likely your money tree has been neglected or abused by overwatering or too much sunlight–try adjusting these things first before throwing out the plant altogether.

How do I know if my money tree is happy?

This can be tricky because money trees have no natural predators, which means their needs may vary. One good indication that your money tree is unhappy or getting too dry would be leaf curl where leaves will start curling up instead of rolling along the branch when touched or blowing from wind movement. Another sign could be yellow leaves.

What are some of the Money tree care kits?

If you want to buy a money tree care kit, there are plenty of options out there. They include: The money tree care kit for beginners, The money tree care kit for gardens, Money plant care and maintenance kit, money tree plant care guide & checklist and the money tree plant emergency kit.

Some kits might include several of the above. One thing to look out for is whether or not it includes a tray for water drainage in case you find yourself having problems with overwatering again. If this sounds like something that would be helpful, some people are happy with adding their own ceramic pots instead though if they already have them on hand, so it really depends on what type of kit suits your needs best.

The price of these kits varies anywhere from $18-25 online but the quality can vary depending on where you buy it as well since plants sometimes vary based off where they’re grown so make sure to keep that in mind when shopping around.


There are a few ways to go about taking care of money tree plants. If you’re looking for the easiest way, look into buying yourself an early flowering money tree plant kit which will have everything that is needed in order to get it off on the right foot and make sure your plant stays happy after purchase.

If this sounds like something that might be helpful or interesting to you but you don’t know where to start with looking, some good places would be Amazon Prime since they offer competitive pricing as well as free shipping if applicable so take advantage of those benefits when shopping around online while trying not to buy out all their stock at once!

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